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Soldiers 48 Melee Attack 5 Missile Attack 16 Charge Bonus 2 Weapon Type Firearm Total Defence 2 Armour 0 Defence Skill 2 Shield 0 Hit Points 1 Recruitment Cost 530 Upkeep 125

Abilities at a glance

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With Lithuanias conversion to Christianity, they have not only gained a new faith, but a wealth of new technologies, gunpowder being one of them. Their implementation of this technology is very much the same as that of their Northern European counterparts, as is the deadly effect of the finished product when fired at close to moderate range.
Full Details
Campaign Teutonic
Category Infantry Class Missile Soldiers 48 Attributes:

Can board ships

Can withdraw

Can hide in forest

Cost 530 Upkeep 125 Build Turns 1 Weapon Upgrade Cost 50 Armour Upgrade Cost 115 Custom Battle Cost 530
Primary Weapon: Weapon Type (damage) Missile (piercing) Attack 16 Charge Bonus 2 Missile (ammo) Arquebus bullet (15) Missile Range 120 Weapon Attributes:

Armor piercing

Weapon Delay 25
Secondary Weapon: Weapon Type (damage) Melee (piercing) Attack 5 Charge Bonus 2 Weapon Delay 25
Armour: Armour 0 Defence Skill 2 Shield 0 Upgrades:

Level 1 (smith 0)

Level 2 (smith 2)

Hit Points 1 Morale 5 Discipline Normal Training Trained Formation Ranks 3 Heat Fatigue 0 Charge Distance 30 Formations:


Ground Modifiers: Scrub 1 Sand 0 Forest 1 Snow 2