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Crusader Sergeants

Soldiers 60 Attack 7 Charge Bonus 3 Weapon Type Melee Total Defence 14 Armour 5 Defence Skill 3 Shield 6 Hit Points 1 Recruitment Cost 490 Upkeep 185

Abilities at a glance

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In a soldier's life, it is inevitable that many sins are committed, which can weigh heavily on the conscience. The rank and file, as well as the nobility, can earn redemption for their sins by joining a crusade, and these men are eager for the opportunity. Give them a chance, and they will defend your army from God's foes. Wearing mail, and wielding a long spear, these are excellent defensive infantry.
Full Details
Campaign Medieval
Category Infantry Class Spearmen Soldiers 60 Attributes:

Can board ships

Can withdraw

Mercenary unit

Can hide in forest

Cost 490 Upkeep 185 Build Turns 1 Weapon Upgrade Cost 85 Armour Upgrade Cost 65 Custom Battle Cost 490
Primary Weapon: Weapon Type (damage) Melee (piercing) Attack 7 Charge Bonus 3 Weapon Attributes:


8 bonus against cavalry

Weapon Delay 25
Armour: Armour 5 Defence Skill 3 Shield 6 Upgrades:

Level 1 (smith 2)

Hit Points 1 Morale 5 Discipline Normal Training Trained Formation Ranks 4 Heat Fatigue 4 Charge Distance 20 Formations:



Ground Modifiers: Scrub 1 Sand -2 Forest 3 Snow 2