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Soldiers 60 Attack 14 Charge Bonus 4 Weapon Type Melee Total Defence 10 Armour 5 Defence Skill 5 Shield 0 Hit Points 1 Recruitment Cost 610 Upkeep 185

Abilities at a glance

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Aventuros are impetuous and adventurous gentry, eager to see the world and fight. Able to afford good equipment, these elite troops are armed with pikes and good mail or plate armour. Despite being well trained these hot blooded nobles can act recklessly in battle, eager to out do other units and each other.
Full Details
Campaign Medieval
Category Infantry Class Spearmen Soldiers 60 Attributes:

Can board ships

Can withdraw

Can hide in forest

Very hardy

Cost 610 Upkeep 185 Build Turns 1 Weapon Upgrade Cost 115 Armour Upgrade Cost 90 Custom Battle Cost 610
Primary Weapon: Weapon Type (damage) Melee (piercing) Attack 14 Charge Bonus 4 Weapon Attributes:


8 bonus against cavalry

Long pike

Weapon Delay 25
Secondary Weapon: Weapon Type (damage) Melee (piercing) Attack 13 Charge Bonus 3 Weapon Delay 25
Armour: Armour 5 Defence Skill 5 Shield 0 Upgrades:

Level 1 (smith 2)

Level 2 (smith 3)

Level 3 (smith 4)

Hit Points 1 Morale 11 Discipline Impetuous Training Highly trained Formation Ranks 8 Heat Fatigue 2 Charge Distance 20 Formations:



Ground Modifiers: Scrub 1 Sand 0 Forest 2 Snow 0