The Warlore Database

I received requests to provide the database behind this site so here it is.

The entire data itself comes directly from the in game data files (export_descr_unit.txt, export_units.txt, descr_sm_factions.txt etc). I wrote a utility that parses the various game files and imports them into MySQL database where they can be easily queried, sorted and filtered. About 90% of the data in those files was processed and converted into rational database (with the rest being some unused data and garbage leftovers).

You can find the SQL dump for MySql here. This is all standard SQL stuff so I guess it will easily work with other database engines but I haven't tried myself.

Feel free to use it anyway you like for the benefit of the TotalWar community. If you use this data publicly, giving credit and link to this site would be nice and appreciated.

Hope someone puts it to good use!