About Warlore.org


I started this project for self entertainment and as an educational tool for learning some web technologies I was not familiar with at the time. Plus, as a statistical data freak, I just could not play Medieval II Total War (or any other Total War game for that matter) without a sheet of all units data open on a second monitor and ready to be consulted with.

When I started coding this site, the only data available was the game's text file data which isn't pretty to look at to say the least, not to mention being able to filter, sort and browse units. I could just import it into Excel but I fancied something nicer and more challenging to create.

So after many months of not so hard work (time is not on my side), I looked at what I created and thought it turned out pretty nice and useful - something that may even interest other M2TW players. So I figured I would polish the rough edges and make it available to the public.

So here it is. It is quite simple and minimal, it isn't the most pretty or graphically intense site to look at (hey, I am no graphics designer) but I think it serves its purpose and I have many plans for expanding and making it better.


I have a list of things I would like to add and change here. I don't know which of these I will do first or do at all. It all depends on my availability and requests from the M2TW community:

  • Add M2TW:Kingdoms data - I will probably do this as soon as I get a copy of the expansion
  • Improve the performance - the site runs on a slow hardware (VPS) so some optimization can do wonders
  • Add "Abilities at glance" data
  • Fix the attack/charge stats for ships
  • Add factions views
  • Add buildings
  • Add agents
  • Clean up the icons, especially the faction ones
  • Add all available columns to the units table
  • Add the ability to select which columns to display in the units table
  • Add ability to comment on units
  • Redesign the site and make the entire thing look prettier

If you have a feature you'd like to be done first or want to add to the above list, contact me.


Few people emailed me asking how this site was built, where the data comes from and what tools were used -

The website is written with PHP using the wonderful CakePHP framework which makes some aspects of PHP programming less daunting and more fun.

The entire data itself comes directly from the in game data files (export_descr_unit.txt, export_units.txt, descr_sm_factions.txt etc). I wrote a utility that parses the various game files and imports them into MySQL database where they can be easily queried, sorted and filtered. About 90% of the data in those files was processed and converted into relational database (with the rest being some unused data and garbage leftovers).

By the way, if anyone actually needs the MySQL dump with unit data, you can find here here

The rest is the standard HTML, JavaScript and Ajax using prototype, scriptaculous, PWC and my own stuff.


There are few minor things I could use some help with:

  • The "Abilities at glance" section (as seen in game) on each unit's info card is missing. This information is somehow generated by the game at runtime from the stats of each unit (it is not present in the data files). I need to get hold of the entire list of abilities and the formulas they are calculated with
  • Some of the data for ship is wrong (attack, charge, weapon type and upkeep) so the data the game displays is different than what is present in the export_descr_unit.txt - Does anyone know where to get the correct ship stats?
  • Faction icons - the icons present in game need to be cleaned up in order to look nice on the website. If anyone has an already made set of faction icons...
  • Siege units info card has entry "Attack vs. Buildings" which I don't know where the game takes the value from. If anyone knows, drop me a note.

Can help with any of the above? contact me


  • June 28th, 2014

    • Updated to CakePHP 1.3.19 and made the required adaptations to the site
    • Fixed issue with unit view not being displayed correctly on some browsers
  • January 1st, 2009

    • Updated the CakePHP framework to the final 1.2 release
    • Added caching in various places - this should provide overall performance improvement
    • A minor bug here and there
    • domain was changed to m2tw.warlore.org - As Empire Total War coming soon, I may be creating a dedicated site for ETW.
  • March 26th, 2008

    • Updated the CakePHP framework to the newer 1.2 Beta
    • Updated the unit info card to reflect the different display for Missile, Siege and Melee units. Weapon type is now also displayed correctly
    • Changed the campaign selection to drop down list
    • Some other very minor bugs and tweaks
  • October 25th, 2007

    • Added the SQL database dump for others to download and use
  • September 11th, 2007

    • Imported Kingdoms data into the database. This required some major changes to the filtering and sorting code and also changes to the UI and URLs
    • Fixed several minor bugs on the way
  • August 30th, 2007

    • Fixed a bug in IE6 that prevented using the units index filters
    • Added ability to filter by faction unique units (units only available to one faction)
    • Added ability to sort units by faction count
  • August 26th, 2007

    • Fixed a bug where the user selected sort order of the units table was not preserved when applying a new filter
  • August 23rd, 2007

    • First version uploaded